Christmas herb pots

From herbs for your own Christmas cooking and baking, to large gift pots for others, to small appreciative pots for those who have helped you out this year, we have a range to suit!  Each comes with the usual recipe booklet relevant to the herb or herbs in your pot.

Ranging from £7 to bespoke pots in bags with cookery or herb books and equipment. There is something for everyone.

And don't forget the gift vouchers for cookery courses!

Christmas themed collection pot

2 herbs in a large terracotta (or bamboo) pot, with a Christmas themed sign.  With leaflet containing recipes/cookery tips.

Perfect as a gift for somebody who loves cooking.

Can also come with a cookery themed sign/say it with herbs sign, rather than a Christmas sign, and with Christmassy baubles/fripperies instead!

£15 each

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Gift vouchers for next year's cookery courses

Give somebody the gift of inspiration and a great day with others, cooking and baking.  In the beautiful village of Sudborough.  Details here.

£55.00 | Where to Buy

Herb pots in a bag

Made up specially to your requirments. 2 or 3 herbs in a large pot, contained in a bag, with either herb books, cooking implements, an apron - whatever you think the person to whom you are gifting it would like. 

Price depends on contents. Budget for £20 upwards.

£20.00 | Where to Buy

The little gift that keeps on giving

A single herb, such as this beautiful Foxley Thyme, in a Christmas pot with recipe booklet.  Just perfect for those on a small budget or who want something small and beautiful.

£7 - £10 including recipe/cooking ideas leaflet

£7.00 | Where to Buy

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